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Mars & Venus remixes EP

Acidkit's remix has been released @ «Altar Records»

It started when I heard some interesting noises from Nik's Yahama DX 10 synth, he also got some wobles synthesized on Nord Lead, was fun & and I got insight to make chill-step remix. Please, listen the track.

Acidkit in DUB - Meltin' Dub 205

I would like to present you «Deep dub session for bad weather» (why? :), «Meltin' Dub (205)», this mix includes «Broken Song (Acidkit Remix)» by me and my friend Nik Klimenko aka Chronos project. Stay tuned.


  • "Bohemia Junction (Vlastur Remix)" de Bombay Dub Orchestra & Vlastur
  • "A Shark (If I Had A Hi Fi Evolution Dub Version)" de Radical Elsewhere, album Vodou Assemblages EP
  • "Dismal Direction" de Bogtrotter, album Sonic Visions
  • "Broken Song (Acidkit Remix)" de Chronos & Acidkit, album Mars & Venus Remixes EP
  • "Earthquake Steppers [feat. Crucial Alphonso]" de Kingstux, album The Illusion Is Worth Fighting For
  • "Translate" de Volatil, album Translate / Alerta
  • "Healing Silence Part. II" de Alexander Saykov, album Healing Silence EP
  • "Calm" par Dublicator, album Calm

http://lh.b.free.fr/Meltin%27%20Dub%20%5b0205%5d.mp3 Meltin' Dub [0205]

Acidkit in DUB - Meltin Dub 128

Good vibrations from RdWA, mixed in «Meltin' Dub (128)» where we practicaly got rotation. Thanks to Saru Man!


  • "Cup Of Dub" par Acidkit & Chronos, compilation Dub Dimensions
  • "Stormekanika" par Yestegan chaY, album Tracks From Compilations
  • "Sullen Choirboy" de Radioactive Sandwich, album Mirage
  • "Escape Pod" de Intelligent Delinquent, compilation In Darkness
  • "They Don't Know (RA Remix)" de Remote Guest List, album They Don't Know Remix
  • "Sazanami Ya" par Funk Dub Division, compilation Echo Chamber - Around The World In Dub Vol. 1 & 2
  • "Bacaramani" par Tjak, compilation Dub Dimensions
  • "Professional Loving / Be My Guest" par Emika, album Emika
  • http://lh.b.free.fr/Meltin%27%20Dub%20%5b0128%5d.mp3 Meltin' Dub [0128]

    Breakin' a bad code!

    Acidkit breaks a bad code. it's has been released on «Gliese 581C Records»